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"Weave on ICE" hair products are from the citizens of India who shave their hair once a year for religious purposes. That is why it will last longer than a year and will save you time and money from constantly going to the beauty supply store to buy new hair every time you want your hair styled.

"Weave On ICE" is soft and silky to the touch. The hair is pure Indian hair and can last for a year or longer depending on how you care for the hair. You can dye it. You can use the same amount of heat that you would put on your own hair and it will not melt on your curling iron. Because of the wefting technique that holds the hair together it will not shed. No refunds or exchanges after use or after separating it from packaging ribbon.​

                                                                                                          "No returns or exchanges"​

 STRAIGHT                  |                 WAVY                    |              CURLY